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This online parish toolkit will help each parish integrate The Light is On for You, extend the welcoming arms of the Catholic Church, and spread the Good News of Christ’s mercy to those in your greater community who still need to hear or re-hear the message.


If you have any liturgical questions about implementing The Light Is On for You in your parish or feedback on the initiative, please contact:

Brian W. MacMichael | Director, Office of Worship 260-399-1426 |


If you have questions regarding the promotional materials in this toolkit, please contact:

Jennifer Simerman | Secretary for Communications 260-399-1448 |





USCCB Homily Assists


Shorter Version

Longer Version

Longer Version in Spanish




Prayers of the Faithful

can be found here


Tri-Fold brochure

In English

In Spanish



Examination of Conscience based on the Ten Commandments (Not available in Spanish)

Preguntas complementarias para examinar la conciencia a la luz de la enseñanza social católica (Alt version, based on CST)

The Light Is On Examen Prayer

The Light Is On Examen in Spanish


For more options for the Examination of Conscience, please visit the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website.


USCCB guide on “How to Go to Confession”


can be found here in English

or here in Spanish


USCCB Guide to why confession is important


can be found here in English

or here in Spanish






pulpit and bulletin announcements


main poster

8.5x11 poster

8.5x11 Flyer/Bulletin Insert

TLIOFY arrows

Marquee Sign Verbiage


B&W Logo

Color logo

vector version for designers


social media Facebook Header

social media Twitter graphic

social media Instagram Square


A link to the Facebook Event is here.



SPANISH graphics files




• Change your parish marquee to promote The Light is On for You.

• Place posters throughout the parish promoting The Light is On for You.

• Publish the bulletin inserts in your bulletin.

• Optional bulletin covers are available as a JPEG V1, JPEG V2, or in a PDF. These are also being provided through Diocesan Publications.

• Add The Light is On for You announcements to the bulletin and to the pulpit announcements.

• Pray for the event in the Sunday Prayers of the Faithful.

• Invite parishioners who own businesses to change their business marquee or to hang a poster promoting The Light is On for You.

• Encourage parish ministries to reach out to their individual members and people that they serve to invite them to the event

• Encourage parishioners to invite a friend or family member to confession.

• Additional resources, such as a five-part series on the Rite of Penance can be purchased from Ave Maria Press.




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